Oh noooo, my YubiKey can not store any OTP secrets anymore 🤔 32 is the limit I just found out...hmm that's pretty annoying.

Fortunately more and more services support U2F and FIDO2

Das erklärt das Weltgeschehen, alle Zettel schon abgerissen 🙊

Since today 12 o'clock I have a router running. Across the street is a bus stop and here in town, depending on the mobile provider, you only have EDGE, so it is already really well used...

Feels good to donate a bit of the unused traffic to the community and I'm impressed how well the Freifunk infrastructure runs.

A big thanks to all Freifunk maintainers 👏

When frames are dropping, it's worthwhile to open the notebook again, even if it's been less than 6 months since the last time 🥵🫠🤒

😍 best sayling day of the year up to now ended in Bastia, soooo awesome view 😍

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🎉 512 is such a nice number...I have to admit that I hesitated for a moment during the next commit 😂



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