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"We replaced the old split-flap displays with digital screens, because they are more versatile and can display arbitrary information."

The information:

US asked British spy agency GCHQ to stop Guardian publishing #Snowden revelations. (There were 1.5 million Americans with top security clearance like Snowden)

Kannst dir nicht ausdenken sowas: Jetzt soll die Telegram-Nutzerbasis darüber abstimmen, ob sich Telegram an deutsche Gesetze halten soll. WTF!?

#Telegram #Messenger

👋 Welcome on my server! Just migrated from to .

Hope you feel comfy next to my , , , , , , and -Relay 🤗

is so awesome 😍

GrapheneOS and CalyxOS are commonly compared as similar options for people looking for an alternative Android OS for their Pixel devices. Below are some of the reasons why we recommend GrapheneOS over CalyxOS:

I am once again asking to please consider the ethical implications of the technologies you are creating.

Das sind unsere Daten die gesammelt und verwendet wurden, um im letzten Jahr fast 400 Milliarden Dollar an Einnahmen durch Big Tech Unternehmen zu erzielen. 🤬

🇬🇧Thanks to Google's #ChatControl, this happens when you send a nude to a pediatrician or take pictures of your kids cuddling naked:
1⃣Criminal investigation
2⃣Gmail address, address book and mails lost forever
3⃣Photos lost forever
Don't let the EU make this compulsory!

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Betreibt von euch jemand und oder ?

Ich möchte es tun, bin aber etwas besorgt bzgl DMCA Claims. Weitere Details dazu in

Würde mich freuen von euren Erfahrungsberichten zu hören 😊

Was #Chatkontrolle für unbescholtene Eltern bedeuten kann, wenn die Internetgiganten automatisch in alle Fotos gucken, um „KI“ Missbrauchsbilder erkennen zu lassen

Well well well, what I learned tonight: Don't change your GNU/Linux user password to something with umlauts before you have checked how you installed the languages (global config vs user config) otherwise you may get shocked when you try logging in again and the password is not accepted:

Luckily I hadn't changed the LUKS password yet, otherwise I would have had to restore my (daily) backup from this morning 😅

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